From the General Manager:

In 1985 I began my career in leak detection with a company based in the Midwest serving utilities throughout the nation.

At that time computerized leak correlation was in its infancy and still unproven to all but a handful of progressive water utilities. One of our biggest challenges was to take this emerging technology to water departments and convince them that real savings could be achieved through the systematic application of an annual leak detection program.

It immediately became evident that many water departments were not even aware of the existence of long term undetected leakage. Thus, education became a primary focus for our company.

Today, improvements in correlation technology have increased our ability to locate more leaks and to do it with greater accuracy.

Even though two decades have passed, I still find great pleasure in being able to help utilities. Our goal is to serve our customers by finding leakage that has been previously undetected and thus reduce liability risks, save treated water, and lower expenses.

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General Mgr: Andy Crim

Experience: 25 years

Favorite Leak Stories:

40 year leak

October 2003

Alligator Pond

June 1997

$100,000 per Year

February 2006

Customers: Municipal  and Private Water Utilities, Military Bases, Manufacturing Facilities, Contractors, and County Governments



Accucorr 3000


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