Water Network Leak Detection

WaterNet Survey is a water leak detection company serving municipal and private water utilities, military bases and installations, private contractors, and corporations.  We strive to complete your project with professional integrity as we offer solutions for difficult to resolve and often costly problems.


We employ advanced computer leak correlation technology in order to find undetected water leakage. WaterNet Survey can locate water leakage using tried and proven computer correlation techniques.


We use the most advanced and effective computerized leak detection system available to locate underground water leaks in your water system.

The Problem Defined

The world's limited supply of fresh water requires careful management. Yet according to the 2005 Report Card for America's Infrastructure, prepared by the American Society of Civil Engineers, "Each day, 6 billion gallons of clean, treated drinking water disappears, mostly due to old, leaky pipes and mains -- enough water to serve the population of a state the size of California."

The California Department of Water Resources estimates that about 81 billion gallons of water leaks from municipal systems in the state each year. Some of the factors contributing to leakage include inadequate corrosion protection, older mains, faulty installation, material defect, excessive water pressure (and objectionable pressure surge), ground movement due to extreme weather conditions, and excessive loads and vibration from road traffic. When leaks prevent water from reaching end consumers, utilities lose revenue and incur unnecessary costs.


Because water leaks always follow the path of least resistance, leakage will often escape attention by flowing into an underground pipe such as a sanitary sewer, storm sewer, abandoned line, or other subterranean geologic structure.

Examples of hard to find water leakage include situations in which the water came to the surface, but was thought to be a natural spring. In these cases the leak has supplied small ponds with water for decades. We have encountered a few such circumstances over the years.

Other water leaks that have obviously existed for many years were positioned near a sewer or other passage of escape that would not be noticed during routine inspection of utility lines. We have documented some of the more interesting stories in our “Leaks” section.


We have been using computer correlation methods to find underground water leaks since 1985. We provide expert leak location by drawing upon two decades of experience working with numerous different pipe materials, system network configurations, and soil types.


Our experience using computer leak correlators to find water leaks for water utilities began in 1985. Over the years we have been actively involved in the education and promotion of practical water conservation practices associated with leak detection and repair programs in order to help utilities save water.

Today, as water treatment costs soar and available water sources diminish, water utilities have begun to turn to water leak detection services to help reduce wasted water by finding underground water leakage.

There is a growing awareness that great savings can accumulate over a period of time by employing professional water leak detection services to help reduce unaccounted water loss. This awareness has come in part because of the fact that more water utilities now purchase treated water for resale, rather than produce and treat it themselves. Utilities which purchase water for resale have experienced multiplied costs associated with undetected water leakage. Every effort must be made to insure that every gallon purchased is delivered to the customer with minimal loss.


Our experience through the growth years of this industry has positioned us with special capabilities and understandings of the various problems and technical solutions associated with resolving unaccounted water problems.


In order to accurately find underground water leakage with computerized correlation technology, it is required that the technician have a thorough understanding of the various parameters and potential pitfalls that a water leak situation can have. This knowledge is acquired through years of experience in working with various water systems, pipe materials, and special circumstances.


WaterNet Survey brings this experience to task when performing a water leak detection survey.

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